Who we are


Today’s Youth Nigeria is a media arm of This Present Day Youth Africa Initiative which seeks to explore and bring to fore the roles, development and achievements of the Nigerian Youth from all around the world, it subsequently looks into milestone achievement of youths from other parts of the world and also create a system to assist the Nigerian youth to understand moral standards and redefine roles, purpose and core values. This initiative was created from a burning desire that every young people in Nigeria and Africa at large must be well morally structured and well recognized for every efforts rightfully put in place to succeed in their various endeavours. It also seeks to critically explore the role and Contributions of the African Youth to National Development and Nation Building.


Our searchlight is beamed towards outstanding Africa Youth Personalities who have distinguished themselves in various areas, i.e. entertainments, politics, craft, professionals, career builders, sports and others. Special attention will also be given to young people who strive to achieve success or those who have successfully achieved little with little resources at hand aspires to achieve more.

"The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth"

Crucial to our objectives are Advocacy Programmes geared at adequate education participation of youths in the Electoral Process, promoting Good Governance, personal effectiveness, moral standards, as well as Skill Acquisition. The initiative seeks to engage the young people at secondary schools and higher institutions level on moral ethics and standards expected from every African youth and also enlighten them on how to be a successful entrepreneur and a career person.

One of our plans is to rework the global perception of African youths, we invest our time, energy and resources on activities which build the youths today for better tomorrow. We ensure that government policies which benefit her young people are adequately implemented and we resist any anti-young people policies from any organization or government body.

Our Online media platform showcase youth activities around the world and also provide a platform to support the efforts of the Nigerian Youth and Africa

To assess and effectively assist the aspirations, achievements and challenges of the Nigerian Youth in the following areas:

Career building

Successful Entrepreneurs

Politics and Government



Human Capital Development

To build a nation positively influenced by the decisions, actions, reactions of the youths and creating a society where youth are morally structured

Building the youth today for tomorrows leadership

  • Intelligence
  • Creativity
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Patriotism
  • Dynamism
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